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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's in a Mess?

I have come to realize my children are really into foot exploration- Feet in the gooChemistry: Cornstarch and water Ooblick + Shaving cream... something new and excitingThis was a very messy and very fun experiment we will DEFINITELY be repeatingPouring, stirring, sifting and just exploring the ooey gooey squishiness of it all
Pouring the goo- Ooblick and shaving cream mixture...It was fantastic
Okay so I kind of skipped a beat here. I had meant to show you picks of the kids dumping and playing with the ooblick before the addition of the shaving cream but I got a little caught up in the moment and seriously ooblick is so much fun I had to play too!
Mixing and pouring
The setup
I had cups of cornstarch and cups of plain water set out. the kids each chose which color they would like to add the the "liquid" and the the fun began they were given no instructions just spoons in the powder and droppers in the liquid. They each chose a different way to mix and explore it was pretty awesome.