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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Case of the Teleporting Bunny

While we find our cats devotion to us quite endearing. Enough is enough they have once again brought us a gift. Another baby bunny. This bunny was even more elusive than the last. He several instances of teleportation where he mysteriously was able to move from side of the room to the other and then back to the same spot undetected. So the bunny was set free and according to Mike we should have tomorrow free since it seems to be an ever other day thing. But as I type Lucky cat has something cornered by the planter. I am just praying it is a lizard or something. And that he has the decency to leave it outside where it belongs.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Kaia the Musical

Giving her baby kisses

Kaia asked to have this scarf tied around her neck then she set up this little musical area

The Lowrey's vs the Bunny

So we love our cats very much and our cats love us. They love us so much that they bring us presents. Our latest present was a very healthy baby bunny. We ended up spending three hours trying to catch this bunny. I should have taken pictures of us trying to catch him there were overturned couches, everything was pulled out from under our bed and in my craft corner. Which was a disaster. All in all it was good it forced me to clean which I know I would never have done otherwise. And the bunny was caught safely and unharmed. With Kaia yelling "get the bunnerella Daddy!!!" at the top of her lungs almost the entire time.

Build and Grow

Our new rain gauge

Saturday, March 21, 2009


The ducks are back. We were so excited they haven't come back for a year or two. Hopefully they will stick around
Kaia made Shabbat window art. She was so proud of herself she came running to show Mike what she had made
We decided to make Popsicles you will see the pics in reverse. Yummy Yummy!!!

Kaia couldn't wait for them to be frozen so she had one like a smoothie

Putting in the Popsicle sticks

Peeling the banana
Turning on the blender
She loves strawberries

All our stuff set out

When Kaia says "Popsicle" it makes me laugh it is just way to cute

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day

We had a playdate at our house. It was of course chaotic but so much fun.
Mason came which made Kaia's day. After he left she asked for him all afternoon.

Kaia hiding out in her house
The kids went on a Leprechaun hunt. Sorry its in reverse

Following the footprints
Kaia thoroughly enjoying her cupcake

Kaia and Katie
Kaia has a little squirt bottle that she waters the plants with. She absolutely loves it so I decided to create an art project around it. We used liquid water colors. This project started in the house, quickly got moved outside, and the once again got moved to the easel.

Kaia has a thing with having us take pictures of her with her babies this picture was so cute I couldn't help but post it.
The leprechaun plays music when you squeeze him Kaia was entranced

Giving her Leprechaun a hug
Kaia in action
Kaia decided to dress herself today. I am convinced she will start a new fashion trend.

My little Irish Princess