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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ren Faire 2012

My beautiful family

Watching Daddy throw axes
The fairy princess
Mike and Ryan throwing axes
Kaia was so excited the Ren Faire had Faeries! REAL ONES!!!
She kept finding things from nature to give them as presents. Because Faeries love things from nature AND presents.
She also brought her pixie dust and shared that with the faeries too.
Mikey LOVED the faeries but at the same time wasn't so sure about them so he would sneak up behind them or side step to them and then poke them with one finger and run away. It was really cute.
More gifts.
Mikey just staring and trying to figure them out.
The woman on the ground was fantastic. She told Kaia that she could not see the Faeries. So the Faeries Naturally started skipping around her and putting things on her hat. Kaia was literally screaming in her face saying "They are right there!!!" The woman did not give way she kept insisting she did not see them. Finally she said maybe if she had some of Kaia's pixie dust than she could see the faeries. So Kaia sprinkled some on her and then miraculously the woman could see the faeries. The picture you see above is Kaia's triumphant look as now the woman could see Kaia had been right all along there really were faeries.
Kaia pointing out the faeries and the woman insisting she could not see them.
Mikey watching the whole thing go down waiting to see the outcome.
Kaia, Mikey and Ava

Beautiful Kiddos
There was a petting zoo with the rarest of creatures in it. Including a Pug.
That was best friends with a pig.
Kaia and Mikey playing the frog hop game
and the fishing game
Kaia did very well she won 20 points

We had an amazing time and may even go back Kaia wants to see the REAL faeries again and Mikey wants to go see the Pug!