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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rainy Day Art

Making a button collage on sticky clear contact paper
Choosing the right buttons for the project- I save all my buttons I have bags and bags of them. Ithink I might do a button sensory table later. Although I know it will be so messy.
Tissue paper resist contact paper collage.

1. We made a construction paper frame and put it on a piece of clear contact paper.
2. We decided what we wanted to use as our resist Kaia decided she wanted her name while Mikey wanted a puppy.
3. The kids put their resist on and then added tissue paper pieces in whatever colors they wanted.
4.. Add a contact paper backing to seal it all in and enjoy a beautiful pic that looks great in a window.

Mikey smoothing out his paint

before we add the top the blue and orange look awesome together. Mikey made a great choice in his colors
Mikey adding his paint

add contact paper to the top and smooth out
small paint drips