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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

San Diego Zoo

Kaia had such a great time at the zoo. She walked the entire time she did not want to go in the stroller. She was so excited to see the animals. Whenever she saw an animal she started screaming "LOOK AT THAT!!!!" which was followed by "DID YOU SEE THAT!!!!" which was then accompanied by "I NEED TO SEE MORE!!!!". It was awesome and it had us and everyone who heard her cracking up. She yelled this all day her enthusiasm never dwindled. We are definitely going back. Next time we will take a video of her.
The new elephant enclosure is amazing it is huge. Kaia thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kaia's other favorite she insisted that we go see the panda. Even though there was a huge line.

Dragon Fighter

Kaia the fierce. She has been spending her time fighting "dragons". To keep us all safe. Here you see her wearing proper dragon fighting attire. Apparently dragon fighters don't wear pants.

Mikey seems completely unalarmed by the impending dragon threat. maybe because he has a big sister to protect him.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Irish Festival

Ready to go after a fun day. I have to say this was the best year yet the weather was so fantastic. Kaia had such a great time. Although we didn't dress her up this year, next year we Will have to get extra fancy to make up for it =)
Mikey taking a little nap
Kaia walked down tot he sheep and pet them. I wasn't fast enough to get a picture though.

I had no idea there was a playground at the Irish Festival. leave it to Kaia to find it!

Of course she went on the swings Kaia's absolute favorite she will stay on the swings for 30-45 minutes if you let her.
Kaia like this Irish Wolfhound the best it was the smallest one.
Which made it about her height

Getting doggie kisses
These one's were a little to big for her, I thought they were gorgeous.
The sheep getting a little to close

Kaia loved watching the herding events. We ended up watching several of the events.

Ready to go she thought we needed to bring her rocking chair with us.

This was not at the Irish Festival but cute none the less

Father's Day art project with the Mom's group

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kaia's Words

So we were watching a movie and there were elephants in it. Kaia looks at Mike and says "Daddy I want an elephant." Mike said "I don't know about that" to which Kaia replied "Its okay I will be really careful". She then told us that "we needed to go to the zoo right now to go buy an elephant".
She seriously cracks me up.

Bath time fun Kaia was so excited to take a bath with baby brother.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So I know it looks like we are always sleeping or at least getting ready to sleep. But we are just getting short intervals of sleep which have the illusion of renewal, rest and all those lovely things. I assure you it is just an illusion. There really is little sleep in the Lowrey house at the moment.

Kaia stacked up a bunch of books, went and got her favorite purple blanket from her room, grabbed her baby and proceeded to read books to her baby. It was adorable.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baby Mikey gets a Bath

After the bath it was story time
Isn't it amazing how big Kaia looks compared to Mikey

Kaia in her new Pj's thanks Grandma Julie and Grandpa Paul

Snuggly in his elephant towel
Getting a bath Kaia helped out a lot. She pretty much gave him the bath.=)

Not the happiest but he did not protest to much.

Getting nice and sudsy
Kaia's turn

Kaia is just so amazing with Mikey. I am so proud of her.