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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Watermelon Picking

Kaia picking a watermelon

Kaia's favorite the yellow watermelon if you have never tried it I strongly recommend getting one. They are super yummy they taste like honey.

Kaia's favorite the yellow watermelon

Happy Birthday James

We had a birthday party for Kaia's Uncle James on Saturday
Jason and his girlfriend

The guys playing cards
Don and Ryan

Kaia giving her Uncle Tony hugs

The Cake

Chrystal made the cake and decorated it. It was really yummy and I loved the green slime look. We made the green icing all by ourselves. Isn't it awesome!
How cool is this the candles matched the green slime perfectly and it was totally by accident.


Oh yeah a car cover, or not?
Shredded paper everywhere how nice.
Is it a bomb, what could it be duct tapped to perfection?
Yeah, granola bars! Who doesn't love granola bars?
Oh a video game. Ryan and Erika are very creative with their wrapping. I don't even want to know what Christmas will be like for their daughter. =)
Balloon Wars
So we blew up the balloons for decoration and for Kaia to play with, which she did. The guys had just as much fun with their balloon wars though.

Music Lessons with her Uncles

Kaia decided enough was enough it was time to start playing with her toes
Then she decided it was time to play with her tushie.

Kaia plays Tennis

Kaia loves playing with her Grandma