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Friday, May 30, 2008

Kaia the Artist

Kaia using her painting utensils in her painting outfit and water shoes for easy spray down.
She is exceptionally creative
Red white and blue guess what we're painting for.

Kaia on her bike

So this is Kaia's corner we spend a lot of time there so I figured you should all see it.

So I am so excited Kaia pushed the pedals on her bike for the first time and I actually got it on video. How truelly wonderful and so now we can share it with all of you.

This Kaia's house. She loves playing inside and will gladly invite you in. But then once she has you in her house you are not allowed to leave until she decides.

If you notice she has a tissue in her pocket. This is a new occurance, Grandma always carries a tissue in her pocket. So Kaia started "helping" Grandma collect tissues for her pockets. After awhile Kaia decided that she now must carry tissue's in her pockets as well. If she doesn't have a pocket no problem she tucks them into her waistband. So now we have a limit on tissues in our house. If Kaia had her way there would be tissues everywhere as well as limes but thats a whole other story.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daddy and Me

So it has been brought to my attention that there is a serious lack of Kaia and Daddy photos on the blog. To all offended parties I humbly appologize for the absence of paternal photographs. I regret sincerely the oversight and hope you will enjoy these photos.
Kaia and Dad at the park last May 2007

This is one of my very favorite photos ever

Sleepy time

Kaia and her nose

So for anyone who doesn't know we are a pretty nasally family. I always have allergies in the morning and so does Mike. Plus with the cats we are constantly sneezing. So needless to say Kaia has seen us blow our noses quite a few times. So about a month ago or so Kaia started doing it too. She holds the tissue to her nose and blows a raspberry into it. It is the cutest thing ever if you listen carefully you can here her.

More fun with Kaia and Brookie

Kaia loves walking her baby in her stroller
Kaia in her babies stroller. It is so funny she does not like her stroller anymore she wants to walk all by herself. But she loves being pushed in her babies stroller.
Kaia set up her babies food. It is so cute she always gives the baby a cup bowl and some food.
Kaia giving her baby some hugs
Kaia pushing her baby in the stroller
What's in the cup?
The girls all dressed up

Would you like some yummy's?

So in the video with the cup Kaia had made Mike "pour" juice into her cup and she kept giving it to her baby to drink. By the time I found the camera she was kind of done. So you just get the end of it where she pretended to drink the juice herself. It is still very cute. She is so into the pretend play right now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kaia vs the bunny

This is one of my favorite videos. Kaia absolutely loves the bunny she constanlty wants to hug her pet her and just in general be near her. however if the bunny comes over and wants to be with Kaia, Kaia doesn't know what to do with herself. So watch and enjoy.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Kaia and her friend Ashley at Laguna Niguel Regional park
Kaia feeding the geese and ducks
Kaia at Kids Gym
Kaia wioth her friends at kids gym
Kaia stacking the cat food while I make dinner

Kaia Coloring

Kaia absolutely loves her easel she is incredibly creative


Kaia feeds the fish everyday with Grandma

The daily ritual
Kaia holding hands with her cousin Brooke

Kaia and Brooke reading stories

Giving hugs

Kaia with her Cousin Chloe

Kaia and her cousin Mason playing Ball

Kaia and me, she is such a snuggle bunny

Kaia's favorite new place to sit and play

Kaia at the Carlsbad flower fields

Kaia is such a babbler

She is also a girlie girl she loves purses and necklaces

Kaia dancing she always dances while she watches her favorite cartoon the Backyardigans

Kaia also loves writing very detailed thought out notes

Kaia at Tanaka Farms for strawberry picking

She ate more strawberries then we took home

Kaia picking strawberries

The wagon ride to the strawberry field

Kaia at the beginning of the field

Kaia the giggler

Bunny time Kaia loves our little Bunnerella she feeds her a carrot and lettuce everyday. Kaia takes such good care of the animals if it weren't for her they would probably never get fed.

Here comes the bunny

Chasing down the bunny

More art Kaia loves coloring at her easel

Water play is always fun especially since it has been so hot out

She also loves the bubbles

Painting is one of Kaia's favorite things to do

Finger painting is always best

Kaia admiring her art

Kaia with her friend Savannah

Kaia at the park. She loves going to the park we try and go at least once a day.

She loves to swing. She never holds on though and she pushes her body way to the front so that she goes straight orward when the swings back and forth