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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Julian Panning for Gold and Jewel Sleuthing

We went to Julian for the day and had so much fun!
Kaia carrying away her bag of jewels

Jewel Sleuthing

The gold run off. Mikey loved the little waterfall and was so attracted to it. He ended up falling over in the mud. When I picked him up and brushed away the mud his pants were covered in gold dust. they looked like they were gold pants!

Kaia finding her Jewels she actually found a TON!

We went on a Train Ride to an old Gold MineWe got to pan for Gold

Kaia again found quite a bit
Mikey tried looking for gold too.

Kaia used her gold to buy some licorice
Her gold was weighed and measured
When Mikey saw that Kaia got licorice for her gold he headed back to the gold panning station
We got to go into the old abandoned gold mine
We also learned to use the old fashioned pump
Mike and I had a race to see who could fill their bucket first I won
Mikey watched desperately wanting to play in the water

Us on the train

There was a Fort that we got to climb up to
Mike, Kaia, and Mikey went on a ride in one of the Ore Cars
Us in the cave the flash makes it look bright it was actually really dark in there
Walking around Julian

We had such a great time we ended up bringing home Kaia's jewels and an apple pie and apple cider!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Barnum and Bailey Circus

We went to the circus with Angela, Mason and Jackson
Kaia got cotton candy and a cool circus hat

The circus was actually really awesome. I was totally surprised I did not expect for it to be as good as it was.

The kids had fun watching the elephants before the show.

Now I have to tell you all that I DESPISE PETA. I think that there are few organizations that I dislike more. While going to the circus they were protesting on the corner. That is all well and good, if they want to protest thats fine with me. They were yelling and screaming; again fine with me. Here is where I got angry they started to try and hand their pamphlets (with HORRIBLE pictures on them) stuff that no one should see to the CHILDREN! Yes, thats right not handing them to us (the adults) but trying to hand them to three year olds (Kaia included). When I told them "No, that this was not okay." They strated yelling more about how the circus is killing elephants and that the children should see the truth.

Here is my thing I don't like fantatics there are good and bad people but mainly if you are a fanatic you are just a crazy person. These people were fanatics trying to shove their propoganda on preschoolers. When we got to the line for the circus the PETA people were there again shouting their rhetoric with posters of horrible images showing them again to all the young children in the lines skipping the parents and instead going for the elementary and prescool age kids yelling mainly at them.

So I guess PETA feels that adults can see through their insanity and they are now going for an age group they can just terrify. Hoping to scare children into just fearing going to the Circus, Carnival, Zoo etc. Maybe they are just going for an age group that is to young to say anything back to them. I am not sure exactly who their campaign is targeted to, I just know that I sincerely despise them and I know there are many others that no longer will look on them as Fighter's for Animal Justice and instead look upon them as I do. As seriously confused and mentally unstable people trying to shove their completely age inapropriate propoganda down preschoolers throats.