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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby Update

So I had another Dr.'s Appt today and everything is the same as it was last week. I am only dilated to one centimeter and the baby is not engaged either. So it looks as of now it will be another c-section. It is scheduled for Wednesday June 3rd. So we will see hopefully I will go into labor before then but if not such is life. I have kind of resigned myself to another c-section. My babies seem to like it right where they are, no one wants to move out in a timely fashion at least this one won't be two weeks late =).

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kaia the Talker

So Kaia has been talking up a little storm lately and coming up with new things to say. So here are a few little gems.

When Kaia gets very angry with you she now says "Go home and take a nap right now!" Regardless if you are home or not=).

We were at Mike's dad's house and Dakota has a snake it was time for him to eat so Kaia was watching (they feed him frozen mice so it is not so gruesome) and Kaia said that "Snakes like spicy food but she likes peas and bananas".

And last night when we were to going to bed Mike was a little gassy shall we say. Well Kaia did not like this at all she started yelling at Mike "Stop it Daddy I am trying to sleep!" I seriously could not stop laughing.

Well hopefully we will have some very exciting posts soon. I am due on Friday and really hope I don't make it till then today I think would be a lovely day to have a baby we will see.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mommy's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommy's out there.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baby Shower

We had so much fun during the baby shower. We are so glad so many of you could make it. And we missed those of you who couldn't be there. Thank you so much Shelley for the absolutely spectacular baby shower. It was exactly what we wanted! You outdid yourself yet again.
Kaia helping Grandma Shelley get ready for the party. Kaia was Grandma's little shadow it was so cute she helped her put up decorations and put things together.
The soon to be Big Sister
Kaia and Brookie playing with balloons
Cousins Chloe and Mason in the sandbox
The boys ready to do battle
Grannie Annie and Bob
Kaia with her Uncle Tony of course
Andrew, Mason and Diana
The Mason's getting a wagon ride
You can see Mike and Dakota battling in the background

Princess Molly pushing the stroller. I can't believe what a big girl she is now.
Getting ready for the race. Shelley had the men play a game. They had to put a cloth diaper on a baby and a onsie pass it along the next person had to undress then dress the baby again.
Angela demonstrating how to put on a cloth diaper
Mike getting ready
The other team trying
If you notice one team was all Dad's while the other team only had one Dad
Michael trying to put on the cloth diaper
The girls intently watching
So of course the all Dad team won. As experience generally does. The other team had to bow down and admit defeat to their "superior" adversaries.
The Cousins Brooke, Molly and Kaia watching their Daddy's compete.
Ryan, Erika and baby Ava
Cousin Mason opening up his lunch. Shelley was so creative she packed a sack lunch for each of the kids.
Mason and Kaia eating their lunches
Chloe getting hugs from her Grandma and Grandpa
Bob, Grandma, and Grannie Annie eating lunch with the kids
Lunch time shenanigans
You have to click on this picture and look at Ava she is just so gorgeous
Don and Nicole
The other game was to make a play dough baby and then Mike and I got to judge who was the winner.Everyone got really into it.
Working hard on their play dough babies
Grannie Annie helping Kaia and Chloe with their play dough
Still hard at work Uncle Tony with his play dough baby The end result. There was an x-rated baby that is slightly cut out of the picture. Kaia and I go through this blog all the time and talk about the picture's and who and what is in them. I am just not ready to explain that picture. I know I will have to soon but not quite yet=) Although it was very creative I must say.
The super yummy cake Aunt Punkin brought
Thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts we are so lucky to have such generous friends and family. Everything was so cute we are going to enjoy spoiling baby Mikey with all your gifts.

Kaia and Uncle Tony playing
Opening presents we had Kaia do most of the opening
The incredibly beautiful blankie Aunt Dori made
The absolutely gorgeous quilt Aint Punkin made. I think Aunt Dori said it best "Its a work of art"
The Mason's ans Chloe playing in the sandbox
And we ended the day with a very tired Kaia who was way off schedule but had such a great day it didn't matter. When we asked her about her favorite part of the day she said "Cousin, friends". She was so happy spending time with everyone. Thank you all again for coming and making it such a great day.