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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Annual Lowrey Day After Thanksgiving

We take pictures every year of our Growing Families on Thanksgiving. It was very cool our first year we were all pregnant together. The next year we all had an infant and this year we all have two children.
So it Me Kaia and Mikey
Angela Mason and Jackson
Erika Ava and Charlotte

Mikey was not in the mood for Pictures

Here we were all Pregnant our first year
With Infants the next year
All the kids the second Year


Andrew (Mason and Jacksons Dad) was so amazing with Kaia she loves playing with him

Aunt Punkin

The Feast

The Kids Table

We made two Turkeys, a Regular Turkey and a Beer turley they were both fantastic

The Kids helped to make the Turkeys

Yep, Mikey helped too

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun

I had shirts made for the kids for Thanksgiving
Mikey tackled Kaia and then grabbed her leg

Mikey's shirt said Mikey

and Kaia's shirt said Kaia
She LOVES Phineas in Ferb - she is holding Doofenshmirtz.
She also has Perry and Phineas-- Thanks Grandpa Paul and Grandma Julie!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kaia's Trike-A-Thon

Kaia's school had a trike-a-thon. We were supposed to decorate the kids Bikes. I decided to make Kaia's bike look like a float from the Rose Parade. Complete with detailed Bumper (Thanks Mama Julie for the letters)

Kaia won a trophy for participating

The Dad's rode the bikes too.
Papa rode the Bike as well
I even rode the bike- it was not comfy
Siblings also got a turn since Mikey was tired Kaia rode again

Kaia loves her decorated bike. I think we will keep it all Flower Powerish.

Mikey had fun playing all the carnival games
Kaia won some games and she showed her Grandma Shelley her pretty prizes

Mikey's favorite attraction a Tortoise. He wanrted to stay there the whole time