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Friday, July 31, 2009


Kaia has discovered the joys of bubblewrap

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Brithday Daddy

We love you Happy 30th!

I got Kaia to talk about mike and this is what she had to say:

My Daddy is handsome.

Daddy is BIG!

I love Daddy soooo much!

I kiss Daddy's nose.

Daddy builds me castles.

Daddy makes me mac and cheese.

I make Daddy muffins with cups and 2 eggs.

I like when daddy reads me books.

I sit on Daddy's shoulders.

Daddy likes green he wears green shirts.

I love my Daddy, my Mommy and my Mikey.

Daddy likes pancakes.

My Daddy fixes it. (When I asked her what she just kept saying it)

I go to the park wth Daddy, I like the swings.

I am not beautiful, I am gorgeous.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Super Fair

Kaia loved the OCSF she is such an animal lover and this was right up her alley

Mikey uninterested in the 3D

Kaia was so excited about Weird Al's 3D brain

Watching the 3D show
Kaia's first time eating cotton candy

She loved it no surprise although it did take some coaxing for her to eat it. She didn't believe it was food

She got a little kooky afterwards

Kaia and Ava we went with the Helrings to the Fair

Looking at the chicks

She was so excited when the cow actually said "Moo"

The Watermelon Fields

Daddy and Kaia in the watermelon fields looking for watermelon

Yummy red watermelon

Super yummy yellow watermelon

We went with the Helrings it was a lot of fun

Eating a purple carrot on the wagon ride

Bouncy House Fun

Kaia and her friend Maverick

Going through the bouncy obsticle course
Kaia and Gavin she talks about Gavin all the time now and asks when she can see "her" Gavin

Climbing the giant slide

James and Cathy's Wedding

Kaia and Uncle Tony at the Koi pond
Mikey ever so cute

Uncle Tony gave Kaia a flower and she decided to have flower water

Kaia took this picture, pretty good, huh? She will be my little photographer

How many cucumbers big is Mikey?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Pool and a cute Mikey

How cute is he? Thank you Grandma Julie and Grandpa Paul for the adorable pj's blankie and bear.

Thank you Aunt Robin for the super cute outfit.

Kaia and her nemo squirter she absolutely loves this and I had to talk her out of sleeping with it at naptime (it was wet still from playing in the pool)

Thank you Grannie Annie and Bob for the squirter and the alligator floater