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Saturday, March 19, 2011

ST Patricks Day---Lowrey Little Style

We went to the park had a playdate and had A LOT of St Patty's Day fun
Mikey found a puddle he truly enjoyed he spent around 20 minutes just running back and forth through it. Which seriously grossed me outthe water looked clean but there were earth worms in it which for Mikey made it that much more enjoyable....He is such a boy!
The "Leprechauns" made Green Cookies
We made a green footprint painting, just like the Leprechauns

I had a wash bin out for the kids feet which Mikey decided to sit in

Jackson enjoyed the footprint painting too.
Kaia in the beautiful dress Aunt Punkin made for her
We also made Rainbow candy necklaces (Fruit Loops)

Kaia found the Pot of Gold
Did you know that Leprechauns leave fruit snacks instead of gold now? It's true they do, ask Kaia.
I set up the green Leprechaun footprints while the kids were eating lunch so they followed the Leprechaun tracks to find the pot of fruit snacks=)

The Kiddos in King Mason's Castle

How did the Leprechaun know that Kaia's favorite treats are Lollipops and fruit snacks? The Leprechaun must know her pretty well

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sea World

We went on a field trip with Kaia's school to Sea World.
I was amazed at how into everything Mikey was he loved all of it and was so interested in all the animals.
Kaia socialized with friends looked at animals and learned. Mikey however never took his eyes off the animals as you can see from the pic below.

He loved the stin rays but it was kind of funny. In the beginning I think he though it was just water to play with. So when a Sting Ray came up to him he jumped all the way up onto my shoulders. Not quite sure how he got so high after he figured out they were friendly he was ready to dive and and swim with them I had to watch him to keep him from going all the way in. Kaia loved them too but from a distance she would put her hands near them but never touched them.

The sea turtles and groupers were definitely favorites for both kids.
The walrus , penguins and sharks were awesome too. When going through the Shark tunnel Kaia kept yelling " I hope they don't poop on us" as the sharks would swim above us.
Mason, Jackson, Ava, and Charlotte were great Sea World companions.

Mikey had so much fun playing with Ava.