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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Jellyfish Forest

Our Jellyfish forest
We used an egg carton, neon acrylic paint and then topped it with glow in the dark paint
Added iridescent Easter grass for tentacles and some glitter and voila a Jellyfish Forest
We hung them over the kids water bead sensory table with a black light, mirror sheet (its actually mirror paper) and let the kids explore
Creating our jelly fish
gluing tentacles
adding glitter
more glitter
glow int he dark paint
And our original paint coat.

Okay so normally I do not do project based art. But this project had a purpose. We went to the Aquarium where they had a fantastic exhibit where you could pet Moon Jelly Fish. That's right tough the jelly fish I did not know there were any jellies that were safe for touch. Anyway Mikey and Kaia loved it. We kept going back where they kept touching the Jellies. Mikey especially was enthralled. He has been asking for jellyfish ever since he wanted them in the Ocean water table but I have been unable to find any (toy jellies). So we decided to make some and that is why we now have a moon jelly forest.