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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Painting with Marbles and Balls

We sliced one of our extra pool noodles in half and let the kids roll marbles down them aiming for the paint The kids loved it and then startted looking around for other things to roll the marbles down. Kaia found the PVC pipe pieces we use in the water table and created a long tube Mike helped Mikey and before we knew it we had another fun way to get the marbles to the paper. The kids loved using the PVC pipe because it is cut to small lengths and there are lots of T connectors in between the pieces very quickly Mikey started experimenting with sending the Marbles down the various holes. The PVC pipe contraption seemed a little easier for the kids to aim But Kaia liked the Pool noodle better. I think I might cute it down to make it a little shorter so it is easier for her to maneuver. Kaia tried combining the two materials to make a super duper marble slide We also did slide painting I had pie tins available for the kids to dip different textured and sized balls in They then rolled them down the slide while rolling the balls down the slide was awesome Mikey did feel the need to dip his hands in the paint to create a "Waterfall" for the balls to slide down