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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mud Gardening

Location, Location, Location... I set up this mud pie kitchen a few days ago and the kids would not go near it. They were just so uninterested. Since then I have moved it several times and then today after setting it up in one place Kaia said "Mommy why can't you just set up the mud by the flowers". Well the child had spoken so I listened. And then something amazing happened Kaia and Mikey both started playing with the setup. / At first I thought this would be a mud pie kitchen I had muffin tins, spoons, pie tins etc setup but the kids got rid of most of it and decided it was a gardening station primarily for flowers They spent well over an hour gardening picking flowers and transplanting them to the mud pie garden They would fill their little pitcher of water and continue on their way making sure every flower had lots of water and dirt to grow healthy and strong