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Monday, June 18, 2012

Colored Sand

We have a bunch of colored water in spray bottles left over from Mikey's Messy Party. During the party we used these spray bottles for spray art on a fabric sheet But I was thinking we have to be able to use them for something else. So I thought of our sand table The kids first just sprayed the sand to create splashes of color and then they started thinking of other things they could do. Kaia asked for a sand mold. So I gave her a cookie cutter she scooped sand inside and then poured the red water on top. It worked (although) I should have made the red a bit darker at the top left you can see the plain sand so you can see that there is a slight difference She also used the water to make tunnels in the sand My favorite thoguh was her idea to place the cookie cutter down in the sand and to try and spray only inside3 the cookie cutter It worked GREAT! Mikey decided that the blue sand looked like ice cream so he asked for the ice cream scooper And made some delicious ice cream cups!