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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Digging for Pirate Treasure

I have been trying tothink of ideas to help get the kids into our sand table for some reason it always takes a back seat tothe water table and slime tables and is very rarely used Its my fault really I just have had a hard time creating themes for this table So I started thinking back to when I was teaching generally I would just throw scoops, cups, shovels etc. into the sand box and let the kids have at it. Unfortunately that method was not working for my kiddos. So I thought a little harder one of my classes favorite things to do when I was teaching was look for buried treasure in the sand box. This all came about when a parent doanted 10 pounds of super chunky glitter to our school. Well I did not have any chunky glitter but I do have a lot of left over gold from our hunt for the Leprechauns gold on St. Patrick's Day and I have a lot of jewels from my hair bow making. So I decided to bury them all The kids came out and sifted through the sand, that Kaia decided was not sand at all but fairy dust. For once she was much more into this sensory table then Mikey who generally dominates all things sensory oriented. She worked hard seperating the gold and jewels from all the "Fairy Dust" She had bowls to collect all aspects of her hunt fairy dust inclusive Her treasure was bountiful and she made out like a Princess with jewels and gold to spare