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Friday, May 30, 2008

Kaia the Artist

Kaia using her painting utensils in her painting outfit and water shoes for easy spray down.
She is exceptionally creative
Red white and blue guess what we're painting for.

Kaia on her bike

So this is Kaia's corner we spend a lot of time there so I figured you should all see it.

So I am so excited Kaia pushed the pedals on her bike for the first time and I actually got it on video. How truelly wonderful and so now we can share it with all of you.

This Kaia's house. She loves playing inside and will gladly invite you in. But then once she has you in her house you are not allowed to leave until she decides.

If you notice she has a tissue in her pocket. This is a new occurance, Grandma always carries a tissue in her pocket. So Kaia started "helping" Grandma collect tissues for her pockets. After awhile Kaia decided that she now must carry tissue's in her pockets as well. If she doesn't have a pocket no problem she tucks them into her waistband. So now we have a limit on tissues in our house. If Kaia had her way there would be tissues everywhere as well as limes but thats a whole other story.