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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am taking my babydoll and leaving!
Kaia and her obsession with the baby dolls

This baby is obviously to cold it needs a blanket

Look at how gorgeous Kaia is=)

Kaia and her Raggedy Ann the favorite of the baby dolls

Kaia put Raggedy Ann in her bumbo chair which is now exclusively for Raggedy Ann

Kaia cooking some delicious yummies.

Kaia with her Aunt Jo in the matching pink pola dot Pjs.

Kaia typing on her keyboard. She was so into typing on the keyboard that Mike took one of our old ones and gave it to hewr she now walks around the room with it and will sit down by her books and start typing.

Kaia with her dress up baby doll. This is one of the ones that has a buckle and a zipper etc. She loves undressing and dressing her baby. She now has started to dress and undress herself.

Kaia with her bunny ballerina she now loves to sleep with this doll.

Kaiajust pretty as can be


lorifitz47 said...

Kaia, my beautiful little neice. Your mom & dad are the best (well next to your grandma Shelley & papa Mike of course), but I may a little biased since your G Shell is my baby sister.

Thank you, Kaia, for sharing yourself with us - thank your mom too!! I love you little snuggle bunny, Aunt Lori