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Thursday, May 29, 2008

More fun with Kaia and Brookie

Kaia loves walking her baby in her stroller
Kaia in her babies stroller. It is so funny she does not like her stroller anymore she wants to walk all by herself. But she loves being pushed in her babies stroller.
Kaia set up her babies food. It is so cute she always gives the baby a cup bowl and some food.
Kaia giving her baby some hugs
Kaia pushing her baby in the stroller
What's in the cup?
The girls all dressed up

Would you like some yummy's?

So in the video with the cup Kaia had made Mike "pour" juice into her cup and she kept giving it to her baby to drink. By the time I found the camera she was kind of done. So you just get the end of it where she pretended to drink the juice herself. It is still very cute. She is so into the pretend play right now.