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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kaia in the Yard

Kaia and her friend Ashley playing at the easel
Kaia picking nasturtium seeds with Grandma. This is one of her favorite things to do. She has become quite the expert. She also insists on wearing Grandma's sweater. But only that one she has claimed it as her own she loves the stripey sweater.
Kaia carrying her container of her recently procured seeds.
I just thought this was so cute. Sometimes Kaia just seems so big to me, but in this picture you can see how small she really is.
Kaia sometimes dumps out the seeds in the grass and then goes searching for them.

Kaia's morning wagon ride wtih the bunny
The bunny now comes running to the door of her hutch when she hears the wagon coming. Kaia and Ashley eating lunch at her little table.
Kaia in her house with Ashley they had so much fun together
They would run around the yard and then play in the house and pretend to hide

Kaia walking on her pathway
Kaia painting with her tadoodles
Kaia playing with her bouncy ball
Kaia in her new sandbox

Kaia loves pouring and sifting the sand in her sandbox and burying her little toes

Blowing bubbles is now Kaia's specialty As you can see