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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yummy yogurt is good for more than just eating
You can shampoo your hair than use the bowl as a hat. Demonstrated here by Kaia

We had a wonderful St. Patricks Day

Kaia had some of her friends over we went on a Leprechaun hunt.

Guess who found the pot of gold?

Kaia was the lucky finder.

Kaia in her pretty St. Patricks day dress

Kaia loves to help Grandma in the garden

Kaia painted the Leprechaun tracks herself for the party

With her feet!

Kaia at the Long Beach Aquarium one of our very favorite places to go

Kaia with her friend Savannah

Kaia is a total remote control hog.

Kaia, me, Kelly's mom Barbara with Brooke, Kelly and Baby Molly

Kaia with her Uncle Michael

Kaia with sitting at her bench getting ready for her tea party

Kaia and Aunt Jo having a tea party