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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mikey's Buggy Birthday Party


Sleepy at the end of a great day!

Catching bugs is hard work
Kaia eating scoopfuls of icky spiders!
Fun with Uncle Dak
Papa is the best at fixing things
My beautiful girl
Kailey caught a lizard!
Mikey caught a ladybug

Dani caught ladybugs!

Yummy cookies and cream cupcakes
and Dirt Cups too, of course

We released 1,500 ladybugs
We set out real bugs (Ladybugs), tons of plastic bugs, rock bugs (I hand painted) and other goodies out for the kids to find and collect.
Mikey with his Uncle Michael

Mason and his Ladybug

Picnic style fun!
Cameron ready to catch some bugs
Cake pops are delicious!
Our Spread
Lindsay Bug!
Katie caught a moth all on her own

Kaia and Gavin on the hunt

Yummy strawberries and grapes
We had buggy clips for the girls and antennae making so everyone could not only catch bugs but become bugs too!
Bug catchers and nets

I tried to get a little creative with the naming of what we had like fruit roll ups were Fly Paper etc.

It was a wonderful day and we had such a wonderful time. We are so thankful we have such fantastic friends and Family to spend the day with.