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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Duck and a Chick Come to Visit

A duckling and a Chick or as Kaia calls it a "Chickling" came to visit
Mikey and the Duck had an immediate bond. It was actually pretty incredible. The Duck took to Mikey immediately and wanted to be near him. When we put the duck on Mikey's legs it moved its way up and snuggled against him. It would stay on Mikey's lap for 30 minutes plus just preening Mikey's shirt and taking occasional naps.
Mikey would sit there the whole time just petting and the little duck as it snuggled on him.
The duck and chick cozy up together to take naps when in there cage.

The duck sat on Mikey's lap and would give him little kisses on the hand
He is going to be a HUGE duck!

Mikey was not a fan of the chick even though the chick desperately wanted to be on Mikey's lap with the duck. It was a little sad.

But Mikey is apparently a one bird kind of guy.

We got out the kiddy pool the duck has spent its entire life at Kaia's school from egg to hatchling so we decided it need to have some fun swimming.
It took to the water.... like a duck to water =) It was so cute as soon as we put it in the water it dove down and was splashing and playing in the water it was super cute.

Lilly pads for the duck
If I could make the Duck living situation with us a permanent one I would. But unfortunately we cannot keep him. If anyone wants an absolutely adorable duckling or chick let me know I have to find them homes or take them back to the hatchery in 2 weeks.