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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sea World

Kaia loves Pluots she ate 3 all by herself.
Kaia watching Shamu she loved watching him but she was a little intimidated. She was so funny she made all of us kneel down beside her so that we were all safe. She did this by all the large marine animals. It was hilarious.
Kaia watching Shamu and eating her apples.
This was on the ride home. She got a horsie that was a cowgirl and she decided she needed to wear the hat.
Kaia and her horse.

The Beluga whales were Kaia's favorite. She kept calling them Baby because we talked about the Raffi song Baby Beluga. She stayed and watched them forever.
Above the Beluga whale tank
Look at their eyes. Gorgeous aren't they.

Once again we had to be down low so that we were all safe.

St the tidepools Kaia was interested but not so sure about the starfish.
Thuis fish was so cool. It was really interested in Kaia. It followed her and kept turning its head and watching her. I think she looked very tastey.

Kaia with Kristin at the Manatee enclosure her other favorite she loved watching them twirl.