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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our misadventure with Bees

When we came outside Monday morning we saw a battlezone. There were hundreds of dead bees everywhere, but mostly concentrated under the tree leading up to the house. We weren't sure what had happened until we looked up and saw a huge swarm of bees. The pictures do not do it justice there were literally thousands of bees. So I called around and the cheapest I found was $175 to remove the bees and that was dead if we wanted them moved to a good home alive the cheapest was $350. After going through the whole phone book the last person I called was the smallest ad there was it wasn't even an ad it was a name and a phone number "The Bee Man". The "Bee Man's" wife answered and talked to me and said there was no need to have anyone come down that the bee's would most likely move away on there own and if not they would come down and take care of it for us but to wait two days. So I was a little relieved I went about my day ran some errands came home checked on the bees saw they were still there and decided to feed Kaia lunch. Mike's Grandma went outside about 5 minutes later and they were all gone. About an hour later a guy from one of the other places I called came by saying he was here to get rid of the bees. I told him that I had told the person on the phonwe that I would call them back if I wanted their services, I didn't call them back therefore I did not want their services. He said that he was told to come here so he wanted to see the bees. Other than the hundreds of dead bees the rest had flown away I told him this he pointed to around five bees that were still flying about and said that he could take care of those. I told him no thank you. He explained that since he had driven down to our house I should pay him. I told him I don't think so, especially since I had decided even if I need someone to remove the bees it would not be his company. He told me a few more times how I should pay him for coming to our house , I explained some more about how that was not going to happen. He stood there for awhile and said he was going to call his shift leader to see what he should do. I told him Okay and went back insde he stayed outside for another ten minutes then finally drove away. Now I no longer work in the service industry but I fail to see how demanding money for services not rendered or wanted is going to create a loyal customer base or any customer base at all. this was seriously so ridiculous.