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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kaia and her Uncles

Kaia has so much fun with her Uncles .She loves playing with them and leading them through the house on Kitty hunts. After making Tony throw her in the air over and over again. He asked her to say "Please" if she wanted to play some more. To everyone's surprise she said "please" perfectly. So how could poor Uncle Tony say no. Since this worked Kaia knew how to work her Uncle Tony. So he was throwing Kaia in the air and doing twirls with her for the rest of the night. So thank you Uncle Tony for teaching Kaia to say "Please".

Kaia bouncing on the couch with her Uncle Tony.
Kaia helping her uncles play their card game
Kaia threw a chair cushion infront of her Uncle James and then made him help her bounce
Kaia and her Uncle James petting the Kitty
Kaia and her Uncle Tony