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Monday, July 28, 2008

Mike's new Camera

Kaia and her bouncy ball.
Kaia chasing her bouncy ball
Kaia playing with her parachute.

Kaia and her playdough. She loves playing with playdough she has a table where she takes it and a bin where she helps herself to her playdough and playdough toys. Whenever we are outside this is one of our first activities. She also likes playing with playdough when I make dinner, since her playdough table is right outside the kitchen I can watch her play as I cook.

This is where Kaia makes us sit, it is one of her favorite spots in the house.

Kaia's supermodel pose

Sequoia our African grey

Our new cat "Lucky"
Click on this picture and look at her eyes. Yes I am obsessed with my daughters eyes. They are gorgeous.

You will start to notice a vast improvement in the quality of photos taken. Mike got a new camera for his birthday. It is awesome so I am sure you will be seeing a lot more pictures.