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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ren Fair 2014

We love Ren Fair. The kids have a blast every year.
This guy made amazing bubbles with his hands. THe kids were here for probably about 30 minutes. I wish I had taken a video. Mikey was actually running around attacking and popping the bubbles with his axe. And Liam was running around screaming with delight attacking and popping bubbles as well.
Liam loved the baby pig
Kaia found her favorite Fairy!
This year she made sure were prepared. She had us bring a flat of strawberries, dried apricots and dried apples, and a large bag of glass beads a.k.a. fairy money
She made everyone's day by sharing all her goodies with all the fairies as well as anyone who bowed to her.
It was amazing she had the beast time
You can't tell but Mikey was actually super excited that there were boy fairies this year. This one he called Fish boy fairy. He fed him an apricot
And gave him a glass bead
The fairies were fantastic this year
They also had fun at the petting zoo
Mikey was so excited about this boy fairy he is a puppy fairy. Mikey fed him by hand
This was the best year yet. I should have taken more pictures but we were just having so much fun it was hard to remember to grab the camera often enough.