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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mikey's First Hair Cut

Mikey got his first hair cut today. Doesn't he look so old now he looks like a three year old to me now. He is such a big boy.
Kaia was a very supportive big sister through the whole thing
He was so GOOD. He didn't cry once and he sat quietly through the whole thing. There was a little boy next to him was screaming and crying so I expected Mikey to start crying too. Instead Mikey looked at him and the little boy stopped crying and just stared at Mikey for the rest of his hair cut without crying again. It was kind of cool. Mikey was his source of support =)

A little concerned but still so good.

Below are our BEFORE pictures look how long his hair was
I was a little surprised at how much hair was cut off I always thought his hair was pretty thin but there was a lot of it. We got a certificate and a baggy of Mikey's golden locks to take home. I am putting it in his baby book.

Waiting to get his hair cut, he looks a little worried
Before and after he looks so grown up!