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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chanukah at Pretend City

We went to pretend City for their Chanukah celebration and it was fantastic! We got the chanceto sign up for the Olive Press class. So the kids got to learn about Chanukah and they got to make Olive Oil and see it used to light a Menorah.
The Rabbi who led the demonstration was phenomenal he made the stories and the demonstration so lively and interesting both kids loved every moment of it.
Kaia got to help make the Olive Oil in her little test tube.

The table with the olive press. the kids actually chose the best olives to put into the press and then they saw the olive juice come out. As well as seeing the exact process as to how olives turn into olive oil.
There was also a great Chanukah craft in the Cineplex. My only complaint was that the Olive Press class was set at the same time as the Chanukah craft in the Cineplex so we only got to do a little bit of the craft before going into the Olive Press Class. It would have been nice if they were at separate times so we would have been able to do both.
The art studio had two great art projects Kaia chose to paint a HUGE Menorah
While Mikey partook in a Foam Dreidel craft
And of course we did all the fun other Pretend City activities like visiting the Dentist Office (the kids favorite)
And petting the baby Chicks.