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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

ZhuZhu Princess Party

We had a ZhuZhu Royal Wedding it was a lot of fun Kaia is into everything Princess rlated and Mikey loves Hamsters and ZHuZhu's so this party was a huge hit!
We received Princess Snowcup and Prince Dashington to play with
Everyone loved the ZhuZhu's
We decorated and made everything super pretty. We even hung Princess dresses and Dragon costumes from the chairs so our guests could wear a costume and have more fun.
The ZhuZhu's even dressed up we already had a few ZhuZhu pets like the green one in the picture but he dressed up in a Dragon cosutme and Princess Snowcup wore a Damsel dress.
Kaia loves the Castle and the Princess Carriage
We also already had the Brown Zhu pet
The ballroom is my favorite part you can attach the Zhu's and have them dance it is so cute.
Mikey dressed up like a Prince for the party
This set is really so adorable
Our "Horsey" Zhu
The Dragon trying to enter the Castle
We decorated one of Kaia's Bikes to make a Carriage for her too. She loves it!
The Royal wedding in our Backyard
I made Kaia her own thrown it turned out really cute its just left over Easter ribbon and a Tiara I got for 10 cents at Target
Our fun decorations to make everything special
I know its hard to see these cupcakes aren't black they are actually Blue Velvet Cupcakes with Cream cheese frosting.
The Party was amazing everyone had a good time and I think I may repeat the whiole thing for Kaia's Birthday party. It was seriously so cute!