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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Renaissance Fair

The Kids loved the spinning ride it was like a giant tire swing

They decided to preform a bit Kiaa treated us all with her beautiful singing

And some acting

We LOVED this game it was CATapults versus piRATes it was supre cute if Mikey ever wants a pirate birthday we are totally playing this game

They met the Queen although Kaia was not very happy about it

Mikey loved the puppets we ended up getting a Dragon puppet for Mikey and Kaia
A fun fishing game
Mike and AXE throwing...does anyone see a problem with this?
It was a little terrifying but he did very well
There were Geese and Goslings the kids especially Mikey were enamored.
Kaia did some dart throwing
Mikey was an adorable little Pirate
We saw Erin there selling flowers
The Kids loved holding hands and walking down the pathway
and playing Ring around the Rosey
a Tinker
The girlies
Kaia choosing her Dragon puppet

Mikey was totally curious about this puppet
We had a fantastic time the weather was great everyone was really nice and the kids played the whole day and sleptthe whole way home it was awesome!