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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day

We had a playdate at our house. It was of course chaotic but so much fun.
Mason came which made Kaia's day. After he left she asked for him all afternoon.

Kaia hiding out in her house
The kids went on a Leprechaun hunt. Sorry its in reverse

Following the footprints
Kaia thoroughly enjoying her cupcake

Kaia and Katie
Kaia has a little squirt bottle that she waters the plants with. She absolutely loves it so I decided to create an art project around it. We used liquid water colors. This project started in the house, quickly got moved outside, and the once again got moved to the easel.

Kaia has a thing with having us take pictures of her with her babies this picture was so cute I couldn't help but post it.
The leprechaun plays music when you squeeze him Kaia was entranced

Giving her Leprechaun a hug
Kaia in action
Kaia decided to dress herself today. I am convinced she will start a new fashion trend.

My little Irish Princess