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Monday, February 16, 2009


So I was talking to a Friend a few days ago, about how special the time is now with our little one's. And we both decided to make a list of things that we want to remember about the time we have now. So I decided to post my list and I want to try and add to it whenever I can. Here it is.

1. Kaia asks to call her Grandma and Grandpa Paul about 50 times a day

2. When Kaia gets angry at me because I tell her she can't have something she grabs one of her toy phones and yells at me "I call Paul" I don't know if she is planning on telling on me or if Paul will just give her what she wants.

3. Every morning she asks "Where's Daddy?" puts on a sad face and answers her own question "Daddy's at work"

4. She wakes up smiling every morning

5. She loves to cuddle every night

6. She chooses at least 20 books every night to read and stacks them on our bed to make sure we read them all. After the last book is read she reads it back to me. Reading the book back to us is something new she has just decided to start doing and I love it. Even when I am super tired.

7. She is one of the most polite children ever she is always saying Please and thank you.

8. When we get out of the car she puts out her hand right away and says "Mommy hold hand" and she actually WANTS to hold my hand.

9. Last night she said "Mommy I'm wet". I was sewing and so I said just a second. All the sudden I here a snapping sound and turn around. She has pulled down her pants taken off her cloth diaper and said "Here Mommy".

10. Her favorite movies right now are Nemo, Monkey movie (Curious George), Doggy (Lady and the tramp, & Beast (Beauty and the Beast)

11. Her favorite Cd is Animal Action . She loves the Monkey song which is all about different animals and acting like them she hops like a bunny, roars like a lion and so on. It is adorable.

12. If you make a sad face she will say Mommy want huggies and she will give you kisses and hugs. Yes I am willing to go there to get my hugs and kisses.

13. She asks to wash her hands after she eats, I love washing her hands they are still so tiny.

14. She loves to sing Pat-a-cake, Itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, and ABC song at least 5 times a day and they are all sung in a row like one big song

15. She tells the most amazing stories. Here is just one of them She was looking out the window in her room. So I said Kaia what do you see? She said "Grandma". I said Oh, what is Grandma doing? She said "Climbing". I said really what is Grandma climbing? She said "the Car". I said "The car?" she said "Yes, On top of the car". I asked " Grandma is climbing on top of the car?" Kaia said "Yes!" She will make up stories like this all the time. They are very cute. By the way Grandma was not climbing on top of cars in case you were wondering.

16. She loves to dress up in her princess dresses.

17. She loves to hide under the covers and say "Where is Kaia" she then throws the covers off and says "Here she is"

18. She will come up to you and point to a toy and say broken. About a second later she will proudly announce "I fix it!!!"

19. When she tries something new she will usually excitedly state "I like it!" or It's good!"

20. She is already obsessed with shoes and says "Oooh cute!" or "Pretty" She loves trying on and walking around in her Aunt Jo's "Pretty shoes"

21. She now tells us what she wants for breakfast which is usually cereal, waffles, or yogurt. The other day she said Mommy I want breakfast I said Okay what do you want? She said "Daddy" I said okay what else she said "Kaia" I said okay what else she said "Mommy" So we all got to eat breakfast together which is sadly limited to just weekends. But she was so happy she got what she wanted.

22. Every time I vacuum she runs and gets her play vacuum and will vacuum right behind me and say "Uh Oh Mommy I got your toes" I don't know where she got this from but it is really cute.

23. If you tickle her under one arm she will then raise the other arm so you can tickle her under there as well (We need to keep things even)

24. She will look at you throughout the day and say "I miss you" it warms my heart everytime she says it.

25. She will say "Daddy Follow Me" and lead Mike through out the house

26. She will say "Watch me" or "I run" and then "Fast" and she will run as fast as her little legs will go. When she runs she runs with her whole body it is adorable.

27. She is unbelievably honest. If she hits a friend or throws a toy no matter what it is she will come to you and tell you she did it.

28. She is just so amazing! She surprises me everyday with something new and I just love watching her grow.