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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Kaia our little artist

My gorgeous baby girl or should I say toddler girl

Kaia and Brookie the ballerina princess

Isn't her little tooshie so cute!

Waiting in line to get candy

At the pumpkin patch

Molly. Brooke, and Kaia

The girls trick or treating

Kaia's first crush Josh. She talks about Josh constantly and when she sees him she has to be right by him. Josh seems to be completely oblivious to her advances which frustrates Kaia to no end. It is rather adorable.

Kaia and Josh at story time. They just got hand stamps.

Kaia and Ashley ready to go through the haystack maze

Little Piggy

The girls at the pumpkin patch

Our little pumpkin

I got Kaia ready so she could get into the pumpkin and make a mess like last year. This year she was not into it and kept saying dirty. She wanted a spoon to pull out all the pumpkin guts.

Trying to shake out the insides.

Ashley was not as afraid of getting dirty

Here is a picture of Kaia, Ashley, and Cammie (Josh's little sister). We had a Halloween party at our house. I had such plans of getting pictures of all the kids in their costumes. It turned out that none of them would sit together. Kaia flat out screamed and laid down face down so that I could not take any pictures of her with her costume on and her friends. Well here is to hoping that next year will be a little better picture wise when it comes to the friends. There were 14 kids over and not one picture of them together with costumes on.