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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Beach House and the Zoo

Kristin and her family let us stay at their incredible beachhouse last weekend. It was so nice and we had such a great time. Thank you guys so much!

Kaia's nest. The view from the balcony.

From inside the condo. We were literally right on the water it is on the bayside so it was nice and quiet and just so pretty.
Getting ready for the zoo.
Kaia very ready to go see the animals=)

First stop the reptile house Mommy's favorite and one of Kaia's too.
If you click on the picture you can see the anaconda right by her feet
Pointing at the "pretty" snake.
The Komodo Dragon was very cool and very active. Everytime we go it usually just sits there but this time it was on a mission.

Kaia kept saying "More, more, more". She loved how active he was.

A very pretty lizard.
Getting tired and ready for nap time.
Playing follow the leader?

This tortoise was so curious he came right up and was just staring at us. I was suprised Kaia was a little nervous with him since at home she absolutely loves our tortoise's I guess he was a little bigger. The gharial, Kaia calls hin the agagator. (alligator)

Baby crocodiles, I think this was possibly Kaia's very favorite she stood there and stared for a good 10-15 minutes she did not want to leave she loved them.
There were also some turtles
Lorikeets, Kaia enjoyed them, then was ready to move on. I think maybe because of the birds at home she is just not that inpressed by birds at the zoo.

Kaia wanting to get out and run. This was right when she woke up from her nap.

The orangutan's one of Kaia's definite favorites she kept saying "More monkey!"

Kristin and Kaia at the elephants.
The elephants were awesome they were playing with all their toys and putting on a show.
Meerkats. She was pointing because Daddy was missing the excitement of the meerkats.

On Daddy's shoulders

By the giraffes

Hooray for Pandas! Kaia was somewhat amused but I thought they were adorable.
This Lion was scary as we walked up it was stalking this baby in a stroller when the people started to move away the lion actually moved into some bushes and tried to follow. Once those people left even though Mike was holding Kaia it started stalking Kaia's stroller.
The Lynx