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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Kaia's 8th Birthday Party

When the girls arrived they chose a flower hairclip and a necklace.
The Drinks booth. there was Lemonade, spa water (strawberry and pineapple), and raspberry iced tea. there were honey sticks here too.
The Mantle my friend Angela helped me set this up too. Didn't it turn out so cute!
The dessert table was actually supposed to be outside but it started raining so we moved it inside there were more decorations we just didn't have time to move.
Aunt Punkin and Faith helped with the food prep I was running really late.
There was the cutest teepee also. It was supposed to be on the grass under a tree but again it started raining so we had to move everything under the awning. the kids also played a game of croquet in the rain. they didnt seem to mind.
Each table sat four girls. each girl had a tea cup, two honey sticks and each table had a tea pot.

My friend Angela came over and helped me make this super cute Watermelon tea pot.
Aunt Punkin went to a special bakery and had fancy colorful bread made.
The adorable watermelon cake and the watermelon tea pot.
The girls also made lip gloss. it was made with organic coconut oil, sugar, and koolaid.
All the kids got to make Ribbon dancers, It was a dowel I cut down to 12 inches, with an eye hook and key ring attached at one end. Then the kids got to choose ribbon and attach it to the ring.