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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mud Day!

We had an awesome playdate I have been planning this ever since Mikey's Messy Birthday Party!
I made mud paint. I mixed powdered tempera paint with mud and let the kids fingerpaint or brush the paint onto the paper. Throwing mud paint balls at the paper became a favorite.
The paint was actually pretty awesome
Mud body painting
Mud car painting
Mudpie making with pie tins, cupcake tins, bowls, candles and more!
Making mud pies
I had a pool full of gardening tools, flowers and little planters next to it
Mud pit filled with bugs and tongs to dig them out
Digging for bugs and then...
Mud ball fight
they were coated by the end
The kids had so much fun sliding into the mud pools
The more coated the slides were with mud the better they were!
We had two mud slides with pools at the bottom
Mikey at the bottom of the mud slide
Ooey Gooey Squishy Mud
After everything getting clean in the Kid Wash the kids named the "Mud Wash"