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Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas

Our friend Don brought over his new puppy a Boston terrier named Booger. Kaia was so excited every time she got a kiss from Booger. She is showing her hand where she got a kiss.
Trying to pet Booger

Coming over to tell Aunt Kristin about the puppy

Kaia and Brooke decided to provide some dinner music for everyone

The girls table

Molly wearing Kaia's Chanukah hat

Kaia loves Curious George she takes him everywhere with us. She got a baby doll quilt from her Aunt Punkin so she decided to wrap George in it.

Holding her now warm and toasty George
We had an Austrian Christmas at Aunt Punkin's

Kaia collected a bunch of tangerines and then decided to pass them out

Giving a tangerine to David
Going to Aunt Punkin's George had to come as well obviously. How could we even think of leaving him at home alone!

Mike testing out Dakota's new toy
Kaia's Uncle Dak with his new nerf gun
Kaia made her grandma and Papa open her present right then and there

Making Nena open a present
Building a house with Grannie Annie
Grannie Annie and Bob got Kaia a pony for Christmas. She loves it I will take a video of her riding it. Right now horses are one of Kaia's most favorite things.