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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Trick or Treating

Kaia trick or treating
Uncle Dak

Uncle Tony (Nony) had the coolest costume. I think it was definitely a big hit.

I made everyone trick or treat. They were very good sports about it.

Okay, so Uncle Tony is 6'5" regularly with the costume he was over 7 feet tall. So he kept getting caught in spiderwebs, trees and just small entryways. You can actually see the people laughing behind him. As Tony put it most houses are not Robot accessible.

Still attempting to get free of the evil spiderweb.

Trick or treating with Papa and Nena (Mike and Shelley's foreign exchange student). Kaia really got attached to Nena and at the end of the night she wanted to take Nena home with us.

Uncle James and Chrystal came with us. I am so glad they did it would not have been the same without them. Kaia needs all her people around her so that she can truly be happy.

Once again seriously isn't she just so adorable

Walking with her people in tow.

Sorry Grandma Shelley I just thought this picture was to cute.

Kaia with her purple tongue. She was eating her favorite candy a Pop.

Grandma helping Kaia go through her candy.

Kaia and her Grandma Shelley