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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A day with Kaia, a visit with Grandma

I am thinking of using these pictures to promote my bows.
The girls all dolled up and ready to give us a concert
Giving Brookie hugs
Family photos
Here is another family photo Kaia was still protesting, so only Uncle Michael could hold her
"You still need at least twenty more"
The girls all fancy
Wow, look at all those pretties

Pretty fingernails
Kaia loves these beads on her fingers
Having a picnic with grandma Julie
So I wanted us to take a family photo which stopped Kaia's picnic with Brookie. So obviously Kaia would not take part in such a thing. So here she is pouting in the corner because of the serious injustice done to her.
Here is our picture taken without Kaia due to her protesting of the unfair Mommy.